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I have completed the FMX video. You may view the FMX video information and order from the FMX Page. Hereís a youtube clip from the FMX project.

In the mean time, Iíve joined another download hosting partner. By using this company, customers should have an easier time making the purchase and retrieve the downloads. It will likely take me a few weeks to upload all my titles but some are available now. Check my download page for details. Once the FMX video project is done, I have plans to do a Drag Race C4 buildup because of email feedback asking for it. I hope to do a 4R70W but thatís a ways off however, IĎve put my old 4.6L 97 Tbird back on the road which will serve as the mule. It will be used for 4.6L engine upgrades like PI head swaps if thereís an interest for that. I have raced the 88 TBird used in the engine swap series last fall with some surprising results. After finishing swap volume two (two years ago), I ran the car turning a 14.57 at 97 mph. Since then Iíve raised the timing and shift points resulting in a 13.97 at 100 mph. Adding only a 75 shot of nitrous coming in a 2K rpm netted a 12.86 at 108 mph. A few months ago I ran a 12.66 at 107 mph using the 75 shot with no rpm delay. All this with a heavy street car and stock torque converter. I did try a 100 shot a few weeks ago. A 12.43 at 109 mph which is about as far as I'll go with the stock converter. Iím still thinking about doing some test for group video chats. I can use skype for one on one video chats but see that Google+ offers groups of ten (so far for free). Let me know if thereís an interest in one on one or group chats or even seminars on a subject. If your interested in a digital download of any of my titles or have questions about my dvd titles, just send them to me or

Please visit my YouTube page for videos.


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