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I have a new Special Deal that ends on Dec. 10, 2018. With the purchase of a C6, C4, FMX, AOD overhaul kit, upgrade kit or my clutch spring compressor tool, you get any single title DVD or download for FREE on US sales only. To take advantage of this deal, you must email me with our parts list and which video you want so I can check in stock availability. To all you Amazon fans, I have a 25% off Super Holiday Gift Deal 2018 on all my DVD titles sold on Amazon. Looking for a gift for yourself or that car guy, just go to Amazon and find my Holiday Gift Special of $26.99 including shipping (US sales) which is a full 25% of the regular price. Donít miss this end of the year offer. Contact me if you have any questions about your project build or parts recommendations. I hope to be starting my new video project soon. It will be on building a drag race prepared C4 transmission. Iíve been asked a number of times if I would produce and sell some of the tools I use in my videos. Iíve made a clutch spring compressor using scrap pieces laying around and have modified it to work on most all Ford rear axle drive tranny clutch drums. I've produce a cleaned up version of the spring compressor for sale. Other tools might include; AODE/4R70W servo snap ring installer, AOD/4R70W end play gauge block tool, air check plate, FMX inner seal protector etc. The most asked about tool is C4/C6 bushing installers. Many of these tools are not available through the aftermarket and the ones that are can be a bit pricey. Just looking for some feedback. Iím selling more tranny overhaul kits and support parts making it easier to know what to stock. Keep an eye on the new parts and tool pages for products. .

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