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A few of the many testimonials from people who have purchased and used the videos to repair or rebuild their automatic transmissions and/or rear ends are listed below. Bad Shoe Productions thanks all who have purchased videos and we are happy you have enjoyed them and put them to good use.

Just wanted to say how much I like your rebuild videos. I have rebuilt 4 AOD Ford transmissions, 8.8 Ford Rear end, 9" Ford and 2 8" ford Differentials. All still going well. Thanks for the help and the great pricing.
~ Duane Nicolaus

I don't know how to leave a review. I looked but if I could, I would give ten stars. I ripped one set of seals had to order another then I got Badshoe installer followed instruction fell in place, best thing since toilet paper. Thanks, happy customer.
~ David Bridgman

Thanks! This video is absolutely amazing. I really appreciate the clarity of the explanations in the video and the attention to showing clear views of what is being worked on. And the explanation of how these parts interact and what the sports do has made this into a great learning experience. As just a normal office job guy that has taken on a project of restoring a 67 mustang (and is in way over his head) this quality and detail is greatly appreciated.
~ John Veitch

I watched all the videos to see if this is a project that a automatic transmission novice, like myself, could take on. Your videos are great. The detail is extremely helpful. I particularly like the subcomponent approach to the rebuild. It makes the process seem less overwhelming. I think, with these excellent videos, I will be able to rebuild my transmission.
~ Rick Hall

I hope this message finds you well. It has been a while since I purchased this video from you. While I have worked on cars since I was a kid- growing up in my dads salvage yard, I had never tackled rebuilding a transmission. I must say that your video helped me successfully rebuild the FMX transmissions in both my 69 Mach 1, and my 73 Mach 1. Thanks for putting together such a well thought out series. I would have struggled with the build without it. I would highly recommend your videos to anyone in need of expert assistance.
~ Michael Hurst

Just a note of thanks to you for your " Bad Shoe Production" Rebuilt by me video, on the subject : How to Rebuild the C6 Transmission. Having built standard transmissions previously, the quotes locally for my C6 rebuild were cost prohibitive, and as prices of mechanic work skyrocket, your offered video gave me the opportunity and confidence to do it myself. I encourage others with C6 transmissions to brave the unknown and with your help, build yours yourself, as a first time builder to know what you have , and better understand the internals of this Ford workhorse for street or strip. They were right when they said the C6 is one of the simplest transmissions of all to rebuild as a novice. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and gained valuable experience not only by building one, but by reading on the subject of going beyond to building a rollerized torrington upgraded version for my 85 Ford Travelcraft Motorhome. Thanks Ken, you're the best.
~ John D. in Boulder

Hi Ken, my aod rebuild is done and works fine now thanks to your video. I can highly recommend it.
~ Ross Converse

I found badshoe productions looking around on youtube. All the parts that you sent were absolutely correct and with your video and tool my project was completed successfully the first time. The video was incredible and I doubt that I could have done this myself without it. Thank you and if I need anything in the future I will surely shop badshoe again.
~ Douglas Braun

Great tool at a great price! Seller is very helpful and courteous!
~ Allen Baldwin

I have finished overhauling my FMX thanks to your DVDs. Bravo! You have done marvelous job breaking down complex rebuild. It took me 5 wonderful days (including 1 day to make .030” shim for the end play and the special tool) I have enjoyed very much. I would not do it without your instructions for sure. More I think about the work and how you present it – more I admire it.
~ Pavel Vana

Hi Ken - thanks for such a prompt response. I write for Mustang Monthly, Muscle Mustangs, Chevy Hi, Muscle Car Review, Hot Rod Deluxe, Diesel World, Street Trucks - I forget who else. I also write for CarTech Books. I do a ton of Ford stuff. Ironically - getting ready to rebuild a 4R70W. Also rebuilding a 4.6L SOHC. Had 266,000 miles on it with a blown head gasket. I own a '67 Mustang as well as an old slant six Valiant of all things. I like your idea for a live program. Would like to know more about it. Your presentations aren't the typical dry and dusty quick and dirty tech videos. They're detailed and informative and I eat that stuff up. Looked at your 4.6L SOHC degreeing video - which is awesome. It sweats the deep down details no one covers. You make it easy and fun to learn. I think you can grow like crazy because you are a great teacher. I learned plenty from the SOHC video. I've seen others just as informative. So Ken - it works well.
~ Jim Smart (AKA George Reid)

Hello Ken,
I want to compliment you on your outstanding video, you are a great teacher! I'm restoring a 1968 Cougar XR7-G (one of only 619 produced), I bought the project partially done. The paint and body are finished, the 302 rebuilt, everything else I have to complete. I have built engines and whole cars but the transmission was always something I never dreamed of tackling. Your video came up on many of the forums I've read on rebuilding a C4, so I purchased it. After watching it a few times I've decided to try and do it myself. I'm retired so saving money is becoming very important. I spent 46 years in television production, most of that time spent at CBS in Los Angeles. I was a director on "TheYoung and the Restless" for over 25 years, I retired in October of 2012. I left California to come back to my home state Oklahoma, I live in the country outside of Tulsa. I've been a car guy, better yet a Ford guy, most of my life. I tell you this because many of the videos I watch concerning automotive how-tos are very poor. Your coverage of the 64-69 C4 is very well done, you come across very professional and your explanations are concise and confidence building. You obviously know you way around Ford transmissions, as well as a video camera and editing, very well done!
~Mike Denney

I have downloaded the 4 sections and they are awesome. You really have done a fantastic training video. I was so motivated that I went thru every detail over the weekend and now my FMX is almost ready to put into my 1969 Mach 1. My end play is about .020 inches. I took your advice as I don’t know the status of the converter, so I ordered a new one. I have attached a few pictures of my setup for your viewing. Also thank you very much for the updated pdf file file as well.
~Denis Plante

Hi Ken...Ron here
I just wanted to say those two videos I bought from you are the best technical videos I have ever watched.
Superb in all respects. You not only say how to do things or check things one way-but you also give lots of other ways to do a job and why. I like them also because its not a voice over a video but your talking about what your doing and why. There is so much info on these videos that yes I had to get my notebook out and copy them down. I see lots of you tube stuff but yours by far is the most professional for us gearheads.
When I was watching the one for the P/G-I had my p/g case (clean of course) on the coffee table and also the pump and valve body with all the components---had to tell the girl friend I needed time
All in all Ken---thanks so much for making those and I tell ya "You make it look so easy".
~Ron Savely

I managed to download the 8.8 video and just finished watching it. I must say you did an excellent job putting it together, all my questions where answered and I really liked the tips you give during the video to make the job easier. I will be looking forward in getting your t5, 9" & powerglide videos.
~Ivan Diaz

Hey Ken, received my 9inch dvd today. Great service ! I was waiting for the dvd before I started on my diff rebuild. I've been messing with cars most of my 64 years, but have never rebuilt a differential. I got all my parts lined up and tried to gleen as much info as I could from my vast magazine collection. But there were still questions I needed to be answered. None of the articles were complete enough, and they all had different opinions on certain things, which I wanted clarified before I jumped in. I watched the first dvd and it was great. I already knew some of the basics, r&r the third member, axles, etc. but pinion bearing preload and stuff like that, I wanted to see it being done. You covered that great, and the quality of the dvd is excellent and you can see everything really well. I can't wait to watch the second dvd ! Thanks so much for the excellent job.
~John Whitney

Ken, David R. here, I just watched your vid on the powerglide and it is AWESOME!!! Learned some tricks, and it is done very professionally. If you come out with a 2nd edition Ill take one for sure. Just let me know!!
Thanks again DR.
~ David Rockell

Hello Ken Jim Sullivan here, I purchased your 8.8 dvd repair video I got one thing to say awesome! I own a fox mustang and a hands on car guy and this video takes the mystery out of rebuilding an 8.8 rear end which I plan to rebuild in the near future, from the great step by step procedures on the video to the bonus spec sheets what a great package. I plan to purchase the C4 and 5 liter swap video soon, thanks again...Jim
~ Jim Sullivan

Ken, Your Video was Fantastic !!!! Great Job !! Lighting was great, as was the editing. Real Professional too...Keep up the Great Work !!! Vince
~ Vince Iacouzze

Ken, I just finished rebuilding my first C6 transmission and it went really well! I have begun to work on my second C6 and tearing it down was a breeze this time now that I have a little bit of experience. I am looking forward to getting this second one up and running too. I really couldn't have done it without your video! It was so good that I will definitely be picking up the AOD video next week so I can try fixing my Mustang too! I will be recommending your video to anybody that is interested in trying to work on their equipment. Thanks again! Joel
~ Joel Belding

Ken: Just finished a complete rebuild of my 8.8 IRS using your disk set. I made my own case stretcher and replaced all seals, bearings and set up the shims exactly as you directed. I now have a new perfectly functioning 8.8 in my Explorer with a total cost of about $500. You may be interested to know that one of the carrier bearing races was very corroded, apparently causing the wining. My friends were afraid to even consider tackling a differential rebuild. But, with your disk set it was not that difficult. This was a great project. Thanks Pete
~ Pete Speer

I had originally found BadShoe Productions on google over a year and a half ago when I was looking for T5 transmission info and I clicked on your web site and was amazed with your videos so I bought the T5 video and my son and I have watched it many times, your videos are great and you’re a great teacher! You explain in terms me and my son both can understand. You’re a true car guy and I would not have got through my T5 without your help! I will own the whole BadShoe video library shortly!
~ Andrew Scott

Hello again Ken !! Here's my payment for the 8.8 rebuild DVD !!! I can't wait to get it !! ,,,,,Your series on the 5.0 into a Fox Body is Excellent !! ,,,in all aspects. Visual, factual, Video Production. ---You know, some of the greatest times growing up as a car guy were learning new things about cars with my friends !! -- It was like "on the job" training ,,,,,,Fun and Easy !! -- Your DVD's make it fun and easy !!!. You made it seem as if I was listening and learning from a friend. -- I've never rebuilt/setup a rearend before,,,I am looking forward to doing the 8.8 I picked up last week for $50 bucks. Yesterday I scored a "used" set of Ford Motorsports 4.10 gears with only 11,000 miles on them from a buddy for only $60. Tomorrow I pick up a 31 spline TracLoc carrier for $40. -Thank you again,,,,,,I feel like I'm 20 again, waiting for my next Car Craft/Hot Rod mag. in the mail !!!
~ Mike Benjamin

Ken, All I can say is WOW, this was by far the easiest video to follow and you described every step in great detail. I can't begin to thank you enough! Without your video this could have been a nightmare. This was my first rebuild and it went very smooth. With the ugrades i put in the transmission it shifts nice and firm and should last a long time. I had so many people tell me not to try and rebuild it myself saying "an automatic is way too hard and that i'd never get it right". Im glad i didn't listen to them. It was a great learning experience for one and now i know exactly what is in my transmission. I will be doing any and all future rebuilds myself. Thanks again Ken and keep up the good work; your knowledge is appreciated by many!
~ William West

Ken, Carl here. I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did on the AOD trans. Video. I am just about ready to put the transmission in (the TV cable came off of my AOD as well). I could never have done this without your video.
~ Kenneth Carl

I finished rebuilding my 70’ C4 a few days ago and I wanted to send you my thanks and complements. Your DVD is outstanding! Every detail fully explained, photographed, and presented extremely well. I would call myself a pretty competent hobbyist mechanic, but I had never even seen the inside of an automatic transmission prior to this experience. After I saw your DVD I had the confidence to go ahead a give it a try. Well the C4 is back in line and running perfectly, she shifts like a dream. I only wish you made DVDs for the 1930 Ford Model A Coupe my father and I are restoring!
~ Christopher Hall

Ken, Just went through the t-5 video, it is excellent! The photography and oral instruction are outstanding. If you have never rebuilt a t-5 transmission this dvd is invaluable. Thanks for a quality product.
~ Pete Rudanovich

I just spent the weekend with my C-4 Trans and your DVD. It was way more than I expected. I had the trans taken apart and cleaned after watching your first part of the DVD. This weekend I put it all together with your help. I will start on my 9 in rear next. I never reply or comment on products, but I just had to say thanks for this one. Keep up the good work. When will you have a DVD for small block engines ? Thanks Again
~ Tom Jervinsky

I just finished watching your DVD on the Ford 9" and all I can say is WOW!! That is, hands down, the most complete instructional/how-to information on the Ford 9" I have ever seen. I am the kind of person that really takes pride in doing my own work. I wasn't sure I wanted to tackle my rear end alone, but now I have the confidence to dive right in and get to work! Your diagrams made it so easy to understand. I can't thank you enough for the fantastic job on that DVD!! I look forward to buying your other DVDs soon. Thanks again.
~ Curtis Blankenship

Thanks for the fast response and I can't wait to get the DVD's. I have many of your other DVD's on the AOD, C-6 and Ford 9". Your DVD's are some of my favorites. Professionally done, easy to follow and real educational. I have received videos from others that were a real joke. Thanks for all you have done for my confidence Ken and I hope you have a great day
~ Bob Focht

That is by far the most informative training video I've ever watched. The filming in your garage was so unique. I felt like I was standing there watching and learning. It's down to earth and very easy to understand.
~ Fred Dawson

Hi Ken, Thought i'd let you know I think your DVD is fantastic. You put everything across so well, it will make my job so much easier when I rebuild my trans. Reading a book is ok but you can't beat seeing someone actually do it really can you. I will be sure to pass a link to your website around over here in UK.
Thanks again mate.

~ Daniel

I received your C6 Rebuild DVD yesterday. Excellent job on the video!!! I watched 1/2 yesterday and your DVD answered most all the questions I had pertaining to the rebuild and inspection. I have the factory shop manual and two other manuals but none of them go into detail on inspection. I can't say enough about the video. I have two C6's to rebuild and the local shops want $1,400 each to rebuild out of the cars.
~ Tim Boyes

Hi Ken:
I watched both DVDs and wow! You did an awesome job explaining everything. I feel alot more confident about working on my C6 than before. I studied those Ford overhaul manuals over and over, and your video now makes everything fall into place. Thanks again.

~ Geoff Mackendrick

Awesome Video!Eliminates the Mystery of the Automatic Trans.! A Ton of Info! A++++
~ Mickael Koselansky

Good Morning Ken,
I have just finished reviewing your DVD. Simply put, it's Fantastic. Thanks for putting this information out for folks like me looking for Good instructions that are understandable. Well done,

~ Pat Hopf

Great videos and can't wait to tear into my transmission. Thanks
~ Larry Smith

Ken - I am very impressed with the video! The lighting, sound, angles, and instruction is top shelf stuff. I particularly liked the way you explored several different methods, like the different way to measure the case spread, the ways to press off a bearing, and the tips like use the old bearing innards to assist in pressing the new one all the way down. I have not tackled my job this weekend like I want to, but that was based on a few things I learned from the video.
~ Ken and Audra Brown

I would like to thank you for the 9" and C6 dvds you sent me one more time. I watched them both with great enthusiasm, they are absolutely fantastic. The way you speak is very easy to listen and to understand. Your professionality really shows on the videos, I appreciate you to share the knowledge and information. After watching the videos I feel pretty confident to overhaul the rear and trans myself. The best item(s) I´ve bought through eBay so far! I will definitely recommend your videos for any Ford guy.
~ Aatu Holma

Very Informative DVD's, Shipped quickly, Well Worth the money spent. A+++ Seller
~ Vernon Palmer

EXTREMELY HELPFUL DVD'S thank you very much A+
~ Kevin Barbaro

Recently I have added Bad Shoe Production owned by Ken Collins. Ken offerd videos and DVD's on "How-to" for Ford C4, C6 transmissions, 8.8, 9 & 9.75 Ford Rears. I actually got hooked up with Ken on Ebay where he sells his DVD's. I bought the 8.8 DVD early in the summer and was totally fascinated with it. It is very informative and well done. I recommend them to you. Ken is hooking me up with a C6 and 9" read DVD so I'll be able to do all of the work on my Fairlane properly.
~ Doug Bender

Fast shipping. Excellent video! You will not be disappointed. A+++ Received the video today and I think it is excellent! I have read a lot of material on how to rebuild a 9" differential and thought I could do it with no problems. Your video clarified/covered a lot of info that was missing.
~ Jerry Wilson

Great DVD, good communication A+
~ Monte Harris

I ordered the C4 DVD set from Ken last Saturday morning and the mailman delivered it Tuesday morning, great service. I just finished watching the last of the three disks a few minutes ago and I can say that they're impressive. I don't have any trans problems at the moment, but with these DVDs to guide me I wouldn't hesitate to overhaul my C4, and I've never been inside an automatic trans in my life.
~ Ed Boone

Good stuff you can't get anywhere else. Highly recommend.
~ Robert Bergen

Once again, professional DVD. Great presentation. Accurate step by step info.
~ Gerard Carvalho

Gm ken.. i got the videos couple of days ago, and all I can say is WOW!!..Exellent job. I feel like I can very easily tackle the job of rebuilding the ford aod trans with few problems. My girl friend watched part of it with me, and even she said, that she can understand how to do it.. and she's not any kind of a mechanic.
~ Grant Robinson

Just viewed the C-6 rebuild video last night and it looks awesome. Very informative.
~ Matt Jorae

Great looking dvd . tons of information . thanks
~ Darryl Noal

Recently I came found a video on EBAY that show how to install gears, bearings and rebuild the trac lock posi rear ends in every vehicle that has the 8.8 axles and 9.75 axles including the aluminum IRS that is in the 4x4 front models and mustangs. If you are planning to change gears yourself then this is very much worth the $35.00 and free shipping that I paid on Ebay. The 2 DVDs are about 1.5 hours or so. Mine came with a sheet with all the torque specs and tool lists. This is the best video I have came across on the 8.8, and 9.75 axles. I emailed him with my truck and he helped me lots.
~ Jason Rightmire

Excellent dvd,full of information,very pleased, a must have for the beginner!!!!
~ Tim Arnold

Professional DVD in every way. Don't hesitate to buy from Bad Shoe. Your knowledge along with the detail and examples are the best tools I could have to rebuild my C4. I brought my laptop into the garage with me and "WE" rebuilt my C4 together.
~ David Gallinger

We never would have been able to accomplish this project without the assistance of your DVD. The books and video tapes we looked at just didn't have the detail needed for someone that has never done a rear before. You DVD on the Ford 8.8 is worth its weight in gold!
~ Jim McKeever

Fantastic product and excellent service. Shipped quickly. Highly recommend.
~ William Troth


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