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This clutch spring compressor is the first in a series of simple tools to make repairs go a little easier.

Please check tool availability before ordering.

$49.95 includes shipping US only
$79.95 includes shipping Canada only

I produced this clutch spring compressor tool to be used on most Ford rear axle drive automotive transmissions namely, C4/C5, C6, FMX, AOD, 4R70W and others. It’s a simple design and adjustable to allow for multiple clutch sizes and ease of use. The center threaded rod is removable so it can be placed in a press, then used on drums with no center hole like the 4R70W forward clutch. The three long pusher studs make it a breeze in remove the snap rings. The backup plate is slotted for quick placement and center pull rod is longer than found on other brands to accommodate to hollow input shaft of the AOD forward clutch drum. The retainer ring range for this tool is from a minimum of 2-1/4” OD to 4" maximum OD of the retainer's snap ring. The standoffs are about 4" long from retainer to bottom of tool's top plate. The center rod is 10" long from top plate's bottom to rod end, so with bottom plate installed, there's 9-1/2" maximum distance plate to plate unless the extension rod is installed making the maximum distance of 16". This tool and a number of others I’ve made and use in many of my instructional video can sometimes be made from scrap parts but if you want to start overhauling a tranny without bother making tools, this item is for you. Please check tool availability before ordering. The price is $49.95 US sales only with free Priority Shipping ($79.95 for Canadian sales).

AOD seal protector kit.

This AOD seal protector kit is getting harder to find and a bit pricey. I’ll try to stock the direct and forward protectors which are the main ones needed. The kit below has all the protectors and will also work on AODE, 4R70W-E transmissions.
$259.95 including shipping to 48 continuous states

$259.95 including shipping to 48 continuous states


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