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How To Video Series on Ford Transmissions and Rears
I have produced and copyrighted videos on overhauling the Ford C6, early and late C4/C5, AOD, FMX and the T5 five speed transmission as well as rebuilding the Ford 8.8"/9.75" rear axle and one on the 9" rear end. A two volume 5.0L engine swap series is available. Building a Drag Race Powerglide Transmission is also available. The latest video title is on overhauling the Ford AODE/4R70W transmission. If you want to know what BadShoe is working on now, just go to What's New with BadShoe.
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9" Rear
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8.8" Rear
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C6 Trans
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64 - 69 C4 Trans
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70 Later C4 - C5 Trans
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AOD Trans
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5.0L Engine Swap Vol.1
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5.0L Engine Swap Vol.2
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FMX Trans
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Tremec T-5
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Drag Race Powerglide
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AODE/4R70W Trans
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***BadShoe’s Pit Pass***
NEW - download the complete library for only $139.00 - Click for Info

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Ken Collins
Hi, my name is Kenneth Collins, I'm an amateur still photographer, videogragher and a Ford Senior Master Technician with over 40 years of experience. I've built dune buggies, a Drag car and have been in the Street Rodding Hobby. My interest in videography along with my career as a Ford technician, has come together in my How To Video projects.

My first video was shot in 1998 on overhauling the C6 transmission. It was filmed with a Hi8 Sony camcorder and edited on very modest equipment. This video was produced in my garage at home with help from my daughter Krystal.

Since then I've made more videos using all digital film and editing equipment. I plan to produce one or two new "How To " films a year. I've tried to shoot the videos to show techniques and tips like I would have wanted to see when I was coming up in the car business. The videos are geared for both the hands on car guy and people who are always looking for more technical information.

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