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I try to keep some harder to find parts for the C4, C6 and AOD like select fit thrust washers, bushings, one-way roller/spring sets, select fit low/rev servos for the AOD/4R70W etc. If you need these or other parts, email me for availability and prices.

Inline cooler filter kit.

Temporarily Out-of-Stock
Before the trans. is ready to go in, the cooler lines should be cleaned. Please wear safety glasses when you’re working on any automotive type of work. You may use a hose hooked to your parts cleaner to pump solvent through one cooler line and attach another hose to the remaining line back to the cleaner. Then blow out lines with compressed air (not more than 30 psi). If the tranny had trashed up fluid, I would highly recommend using a cooler line filter in the return line. Be sure the filters’ arrow points to the return fitting. These filters will catch small particles that may still be stuck in the cooler or floating in the converter (if the converter is being reused). If the trans blows in the future (possibly in a racing application) the filter can catch trash before it gets to the lube system which might save a few bushings. This kit has the filter, 3/8” hose, line fitting for 5/16” and 3/8” tubes, clamps and reminder decal. There’s a limited number of these kits so email for availability. Please check availability before ordering.
$25.95 including shipping to 48 continuous states

$25.95 including shipping to 48 continuous states



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